Sisyrinchium angustifolium

Blue-eyed Grass

  • Family: Iridaceae
  • Form: Herbaceous, clumping perennial growing to a maximum of 2 feet in height and spread. Naturally occurs in full sun to part shade in woods, fields, wetlands and along roadsides. This adorable and delicate plant lends itself well to mass plantings in annual and perennial beds or along the edge of a wildflower bed. It also makes a very attractive container plant. Spreads by seed or by division.
  • Leaves: Simple, linear and grass-like with and acute apex and entire margins.
  • Stem/Bark: Herbaceous, clumping, rhizomatous.
  • Flower: 0.5 inch diameter pale blue 6-petaled flowers (tepals) with yellow corolla tube. Usually, only one bloom per flowering stem is open at a time.
  • Fruit: Tiny, dark brown to black, globular and pitted, seed is found in pods that ripen in late summer to early fall.
  • Comments: A member of the Iris family, this species has recently been combined with the previously separate species recognized as S. graminoides, S. atlanticum, S. bermudiana and S. miamiense. Lavender-purple and white varieties are also found.
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