Three Ways to Use This Tool

  • Getting Started
    First, you will need access to the Internet to use this tool, since it is a web app. That means it's basically a web site with a specialized purpose to act more like a digital tool, and less like a traditional web site.

    The gardens do not have wi-fi, so you can either use an iPhone or other portable device with phone service to access the web site while in the gardens, or you can view the site on your computer for reference before or after you visit the gardens.

    If you wish to take advantage of the QR codes in the gardens, you will need to load a QR reader app onto your iPhone or other portable device, and you will need to have a portable device equipped with some form of built-in camera to use the app with. There are a number of different apps available to read QR codes, many of which are free. Check with the iTunes Store, or other appropriate site for your device.
  • QR Codes
    Next to many plants within the Teaching and Linear Gardens you will see QR codes on signs or posts. If you scan these using your iPhone's camera, the QR reader app should take you to the garden web app's page for that specific plant.

    You can either continue to scan plant QR codes to learn about them, or you can use the tool's navigation menu to access pages for other plants via the maps or list pages.
  • Map Pages
    The map pages give you an overview of the gardens, allowing you to find the location of any plant you wish to study within the gardens. If the map has a hyperlink for that plant, you can click on it to go the the corresponding plant page.
  • List Pages
    There are two list pages, both of which include all the plants contained in the Teaching Gardens. The first lists all the plants by their common names, and the second by their scientific names.

    In cases where a plant has more than one common name, we have attempted to include all of them on the Common Names list. Clicking on any of the plant names with hyperlinks in either list will bring you to the same individual plant pages.
  • Plant Pages
    The majority of the pages in this web app are those for the individual plants. The pages will include details about the plant, as well as photos of the plant to help with learning about it. In the mobile version of this web app, you can find the information about the plants under the Details button in the upper left of the screen, just below the Menu button.