Iva imbricata

Seaside Elder

  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Form: Multi-stemmed, slightly prostrate, woody shrub reaching about 3 feet in height and spread. Rhizomatous.
  • Leaves: Simple, alternate, lance-shaped with an acute apex and toothed margins. Fleshy leaves are approximately 2 inches long and have a prominent midrib along the bottom.
  • Stem/Bark: Pale gray bark is woody near the base.
  • Flower: Small green flowers arise on erect, terminal spikes and appear in summer to fall; can be fragrant when crushed.
  • Fruit: Very small, inconspicuous achene.
  • Comments: This species, along with the related native Iva frutescens, are excellent for dune stabilization, restoration and conservation. I. imbricata is better able to withstand higher winds and tends to be shorter than I. frutescens.
  • Additional Resources:
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