Guapira discolor


  • Family: Nyctaginaceae
  • Form: Small to medium sized tree up to 30 feet in height with a rounded canopy.
  • Leaves: Simple, opposite, oblong to elliptic shape, obtuse apex, entire margin with irregularities, deep green, typically up to 3 inches long and 1 inch wide, evergreen.
  • Stem/Bark: Usually single-trunked, sometimes branching out close to trunk; light brown/red bark with mottling.
  • Flower: Inconspicuous, small yellow-greenish clusters, lacking petals.
  • Fruit: Female trees produce red, single-seeded berries that attract wildlife.
  • Comments: Native to tropical hammocks, hardy and adaptable to a variety of conditions.
  • Additional Resources:
    The Institute for Regional Conservation Link
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