Guaiacum sanctum

Lignum Vitae

  • Family: Zygophyllacae
  • Form: A small tropical evergreen tree, usually with a twisted type trunk, reaching 25-30 ft. tall, though usually smaller
  • Leaves: Small, pinnately compound, each leaflet about 1.5 inch long, opposite, elliptic, acute apex
  • Stem/Bark: Grayish white in color, smooth in appearance, often grows in a twisted or gnarled form
  • Flower: Bluish purple, sometimes with a whitish ting. Grows in clusters, 5 petals, regular form, multi-staminate
  • Fruit: Orange, round in shape with ribs that dehisce to expose reddish seeds, 4 to a pod
  • Comments: This native tree is considered an endangered species and is protected
  • Additional Resources:
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