Glandularia tampensis

Tampa Verbena

  • Family: Asteraceae
  • Form: Herbaceous, sprawling perennial wildflower reaching 1-2 feet in height and 3-4 feet in width.
  • Leaves: Simple, opposite, ovate leaves with coarse serrations measure approximately 2.5 - 3 inches; found on branching stems. Leaves are bright green above and dull green below and are slightly pubescent with prominent veins on the undersides.
  • Stem/Bark: 4-sided green stems can turn reddish-brown near base.
  • Flower: Showy, 1.5 - 2 inch, indeterminate, flat-topped flower clusters (corymbs) with ½ inch, purple, 5 petaled flowers with tiny white centers. Each flower petal is distinctly lobed.
  • Fruit: Light brown, winged achenes each contain a single flattened seed.
  • Comments: This species was formerly referred to by its synonym, Verbena tampensis. Similar to the closely related, and equally attractive G. maritima (beach verbena), but shorter and with calyx having bristled tips and no glands.
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