Conocarpus erectus

Green Buttonwood

  • Family: Combretaceae
  • Form: Evergreen tree reaching about 40-50 feet in height. The tree starts with upright rounded growth, narrow crowned, but later will begin to spread out with irregularly more open canopy.
  • Leaves: Simple, alternate, narrowly elliptic shape, entire margins, acute apices.
  • Stem/Bark: The limbs and trunk can become twisted and gnarly with age. The bark will also turn dark and rough with age.
  • Flower: Inconspicuous, roundish, greenish, dense clusters.
  • Fruit: Round, greenish, cone like heads about 0.5 inches in size.
  • Comments: A popular cultivar 'Silver' is also attractive in the landscape, but with distinguishable canescent leaves and shrub-like growth.
  • Additional Resources:
    UF IFAS Extension Native Plant Fact Sheet Listings
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