Coccoloba uvifera

Sea Grape

  • Family: Polygonaceae
  • Form: Evergreen, shrub or medium tree, rounded or vase-like canopy, reaching 3-35 ft. with 10-50 ft. spread
  • Leaves: Alternate, simple, reniform, attached to branch by prominent red ocrea, distinct red midribs and veins, to 10 in. wide
  • Stem/Bark: Various shades of brown, peel in thin plates as matures
  • Flower: Raceme, white, to 10 in. long, inconspicuous
  • Fruit: Berry, green ripening dark purple, ½-1 in. wide, contain 1 seed, clusters of 40 or more
  • Comments: Closely related to another Florida native C. diversifolia, but distinguished by having leaf blades that are broader than long and with a cordate base, rather than a cuneate base
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