Chrysobalanus icaco


  • Family: Chrysobalanaceae
  • Form: Evergreen, shrub or small tree, round habit, foliage full to ground, reaching 3-30 ft. with 10-20 ft. spread
  • Leaves: Alternate, simple, broadly obovate, entire, upright on branch, 1-3 in. long, cuspidate, emarginate, or obtuse
  • Stem/Bark: Grayish brown, lenticels evident
  • Flower: Cyme, white, ¼ in. long, aromatic, inconspicuous
  • Fruit: Drupe, red, purple, yellow, or white, contain 1 seed, 1-2 in. long, in clusters
  • Comments: Several selections available with varying form, salt tolerance, and color. Due to hybridization, some disagreement exists as to which froms are native to Florida
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