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Environmental Horticulture, Plant Propagation 3221/5222


Plant Propagation 3223/5222 Schedule, Fall 2020

Module Week Instructor Lectures Guest Lecture and Videos Reading Assignment and Self Review Canvas Assignments
1 1

How Plant Propagation Evolved in Human Society


Read: Chapter 1

Do: Chapter 1 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Post Your Bio:(5pts)

Take Pre-course Survey:(5pts)

1 2

Biology of Plant Propagation

Lecture: D. Clark - How Genes Impact Plant Propagation

Read: Chapter 2

Do: Chapter 2 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

1 3

The Propagation Environment

Lecture: G. Giacomelli - Greenhouse Systems for Plant Production

Lecture: A. Long - Pathogens in Plant Production

Video: Drs. Wilson and Giacomelli - Knox Nursery, Winter Garden, FL: Environmental Control

Read: Chapter 3

Do: Chapter 3 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Do: PropG Glossary Term Self Review

Quiz 1: (chapters 1-2)

Timed, open book (10pts)

2 4

Seed Development

Principles and Practices of Seed Selection

Video: D. Clark - Management and Record Keeping in a Plant Breeding Program

Video: Freyre - Breeding Ornamental Plants

Video: K. Bhattarai - Gebera Hybridization

Read: Chapters 4 and 5

Do: Chapter 4 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Do: Chapter 5 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

2 5

Techniques of Seed Production and Handling

Lecture: K. Moore - Techniques of Propagation by Seeds: Use of Plugs

Read: Chapter 6

Do: Chapter 6 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Quiz 2: (chapters 3-6)

Timed, open book (10pts)

2 6

Principles of Propagation from Seeds

Lecture: B. Geneve - Physical Seed Dormancy

Lecture: X. Li - Seed Priming

Read: Chapter 7

Do: Chapter 7 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Zoom 1: (5 pts)

Monday Oct 5, 5:30-6:30pm EST

Review and Discussion with Instructors

2 7

Techniques of Propagation by Seed

Video: Seedling production at Knox Nursery, Winter Garden, FL

Read: Chapter 8

Do: Chapter 8 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Do: PropG Glossary Term Self Review

Exam 1: Chapters 4-8

Timed, open book (100pts)

3 8

Principles and Practices of Clonal Selection


Read: Chapter 9

Do: Chapter 9 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

3 9

Principles of Propagation by Cuttings

Techniques of Propagation by Cuttings

Lecture: J. Gibson - Stock Plant Management (parts 1 and 2)

Video: F. Davies, Mack Thetford - How to a Select Cutting Material

Video: P.J. Klinger - Tour of Lake Brantley Plant Co.

Video: George Griffith - Tour of Hatchett Creek Farms

Video: R. Schoellhorn - Production Scheduling and Inventory Control at Hatchett Creek Farms

Read: Chapters 10 and 11

Do: Chapter 10 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Do: Chapter 11 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

3 10

Principles of Grafting and Budding


Read: Chapter 12

Do: Chapter 12 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Quiz 3: Chapters 9-11

Timed, open book (10pts)

3 11

Techniques of Grafting

Techniques of Budding

Video: J. Williamson - Demonstration of Budding and Grafting

Read: Chapters 13 and 14

Do: Chapter 13 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Do: Chapter 14 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Zoom 2: (5 pts)

Monday Nov 9 5:30-6:30 EST

ZOOM Review and Discussion with Instructors

3 12

Layering and Its Natural Modifications


Read: Chapter 15

Do: Chapter 15 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Do: PropG Glossary Term Self Review

Exam 2: Chapters 9-14

Timed, open book (100pts)

3 13

Propagation by Specialized Stems and Roots


Read: Chapter 16

Do: Chapter 16 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

4 14

Principles and Techniques of Micropropagation from Meristematic Tissue

Lecture: M. Kane Micropropagation

Video: N. Phillman Demonstration of Micropropagation Sterile Technique

Video: Commercial Micropropagation at Agristarts, Inc.

Read: Chapter 17

Do: Chapter 17 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Take Post-course Survey (10pts)

4 15

Principles and Techniques of Plant Tissue Culture from Non-meristematic Tissue

Lecture: W. Vendrame - Embryogenesis (20min)

Read: Chapter 18

Do: Chapter 18 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Do: PropG Glossary Term Self Review

Zoom 3: (5 pts)

Monday Dec 7 5:30-6:30 EST

ZOOM Review and Discussion with Instructors


Exam 3: Chapters 15-18

Timed, open book (100 pts)