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Environmental Horticulture, Plant Propagation 3221/5222


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Plant Propagation 3223/5222 Schedule, Fall 2016
Week Module Instructor, Lectures & Reading Guest Lecture Video & Interactive* Optional Resources Homework / Quizzes
1 1 S. Wilson
How Plant Propagation Evolved in Human Society

Read Chp. 1
  Chapter 1 Interactive Self-Review Quiz   Homework 1

(Post your Bio and take the Pre-Course Assessment)
2 1 M. Thetford
Biology of Plant Propagation, Parts 1 and 2

Read Chp. 2
D. Clark
How Genes Impact Plant Propagation
Chapter 2 Interactive Self-Review Quiz   Homework 1 Due
3 1 S. Wilson
The Propagation Environment

Read Chp. 3
G. Giacomelli
Greenhouse Systems for Plant Production
Drs. Wilson and Giacomelli
Knox Nursery, Winter Garden, FL: Environmental Control

Chapter 3 Interactive Self-Review Quiz
  Homework 2

Quiz 1
E-learning (Chapters 1 and 2)
4 2 S. Wilson
The Development of Seeds

Read Chp. 4

Principles and Practices of Seed Selection

Read Chp. 5
Breeding Ornamental Plants
S. Wilson
Animated Life Cycle of Angiosperms

Chapter 4 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Chapter 5 Interactive Self-Review Quiz
B. Dehgan
Pollination Biology

M. Tignor
Homework 2 Due
5 2 S. Wilson
Techniques of Seed Production and Handling

Read Chp. 6
K. Klock-Moore
Plug Production
Chapter 6 Interactive Self-Review Quiz    
6 2 S. Wilson
Principles of Propagation by Seed

Read Chp. 7
Physical Seed Dormancy
Chapter 7 Interactive Self-Review Quiz S. Wilson and students
Interactive Problem Solving (1hr. 4 min. video)

Session PowerPoint (pdf)
Homework 3

e-Learning (Chapters 3-6)
7 2 S. Wilson
Techniques of Propagation by Seed

Chp. 8
Chapter 8 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Seedling Production
Knox nursery, Winter Garden, FL
Homework 3 Due

Exam 1 Opens
8 EXAM 1 e-Learning (Chapters 3-8) (closed book and closed notes) Exam 1 Closes
9 3 M. Thetford
Principles and Techniques of Propagation by Cuttings, Part 1

Read Chp. 9
J. Gibson
Stock Plant Management (parts 1 and 2)
Chapter 9 Interactive Self-Review Quiz F. Davies
Plant Hormones in Plant Propagation

Principles of Propagation by Cuttings
9 3 M. Thetford
Principles and Techniques of Propagation by Cuttings, Part 2

Read Chp. 10
  Chapter 10 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

F. Davies discussion with Mack Thetford at Lake Brantley Plant Co.

Tour of Lake Brantley Plant Co.

Tour of Hatchett Creek Farms

R. Schoellhorn, Production Scheduling and Inventory Control at Hatchett Creek Farms
M. Thetford and students
Plant Propagation – Interactive session on vegetative plant propagation (1 hr. 6 min. video)

Session PowerPoint (pdf)
10 4 M. Thetford
Origins, Terminology and Benefits

Graft Union Formation

Read Chp. 11
  Chapter 11 Interactive Self-Review Quiz J. Williamson
Grafting and Budding Fruit Trees
11 4 M. Thetford
Types of Graft and Budding Procedures

Graft Incompatibility

Read Chp. 12 and 13
  J. Williamson
Demonstration of Budding and Grafting

Chapter 12 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Chapter 13 Interactive Self-Review Quiz
  Homework 4

(Chapters 9-10, 11-13 Parts A and B)
12 EXAM 2 e-Learning (Chapters 9-13) (Closed book and closed notes) Homework 4 Due

Exam 2 Opens
13 5 M. Thetford
Layerings and Its Natural Modifications, Propagation by Specialized Stems and Roots

Read Chp. 14, 15

Principles and Practices of Clonal Selection

Read Chp. 16
  Chapter 14 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Chapter 15 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Chapter 16 Interactive Self-Review Quiz
M. Scheiber
Mutations, Chimeras, and Variegation

M. Thetford and students
Plant Propagation – Interactive Session #3 (1 hr. video)

Session PowerPoint (pdf)
Exam 2 Closes
14-15 6 S. Wilson
Principles of Tissue Culture and Micropropagation and Techniques for Micropropagation

Read Chp. 17-18
M. Kane

W. Vendrame
Commercial Micropropagation at Agristarts, Inc.

N. Phillman
Demonstration of Micropropagation Sterile Technique

Chapter 17 Interactive Self-Review Quiz

Chapter 18 Interactive Self-Review Quiz
Post-Course Assessment Opens
16 All Review for Final   Prepare for Final Exam with Jeopardy Game
(PowerPoint, 108K download)
  Post Course Assessment Closes

Final Exam Opens
17 FINAL EXAM E-learning (comprehensive)
80% will be from new material (chapters 14-18) and
20% will be from review material (chapters 1-13)
(Closed book and closed notes)
Final Exam Closes