South Florida Flora and Ecosystems
2 Credits, ORH 4932, Section:9505

Welcome to the new internet home for South Florida Flora and Ecosystems.  This website will house additional information and resources not covered in class.  Please spend time exploring it and send additional links and files you would like to see posted to I hope that students will become involved in increasing the amount of information linked to this site. This website was last updated Tuesday, December 31, 2002.

The instructors for this course are Sandy Wilson, Ph.D., and Mark Ritenour, Ph.D., but course content will also be provided largely by local ecosystem experts in south Florida.  The instructors also rely heavily on the assistance of Senior BioScientist Judith Gersony. If you are interested in knowing more about these course or University of Florida Courses available in Fort Pierce please visit the Indian River Research and Center.UFlogo.gif (2302 bytes)

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