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Welcome to the Linear Garden located at the Indian River Research and Education Center in Fort Pierce, Florida.

The Linear Garden is 2,426 feet long (nearly half a mile) and is therefore affectionately called the 'Linear Garden'.  It spans the entire length of South Rock Road and is located on the East side of the street across from the IRREC facility and USDA. 

The garden includes approximately 211 different species of trees, palms, shrubs, groundcovers and vines.  Many of the materials within the garden have been donated by local nurseries and growers including one full day of labor from a local landscaping company to help plant the larger trees.  Preparation for the garden began in August of 2005 but collection of material for the garden began several years prior to implementation.  The garden was designed to showcase specimen plants and display other common landscape plants utilized in the South-Central Florida region with attention to foliage type, color and size in addition to flowering times and color providing year-round interest regardless of the season.  The first date of installation was September 29, 2005 and provides a wonderful scenic drive along South Rock Road.