Psychotria sulzneri
Velvet leaf wild coffee

Family: Rubiaceae

Form: Evergreen shrub reaching 5 - 8 feet in height and 4 ft in width

Leaves: 4 - 7 inches long, dull blue-green, oblanceolate, with prominent veins on the underside. The surface of the leaf has a puckered effect

Stem/Bark: Green to reddish brown, nodes are somewhat prominent

Flower: Small white flowers in panicled clusters, bisexual

Fruit: Showy, dark red berries in clusters, up to 1/4 inch across. Two seeds per fruit, appearing to be split in half

Comments: Two other native species of wild coffee exist. P. nervosa, the shiny leaf and P. ligustrifolia, the bahama coffee. P. sulzneri can be distinguished by having dull, blue-green leaves that are pilose on the under surface and with less conspicuous venation. All species of Psychotria attract wildlife. Although found as an understory plant, P. sulzneri has been successfully used in the landscape in full sun