Crinum americanum
String Lily

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Form: Herbacous perennial bulb reaching more than two feet in height and spreading in clumps

Leaves: Long glabrous blades up to two feet long. Parallel veins along entire length. Leaves recurve up from center, this being most pronounced toward the base

Stem/Bark: Green, Herbaceous, with a stemless base

Flower: Large white showy six petaled flowers borne on a long pedicel. Each petal can be five inches long and are somewhat pendant. The petals give the impression of strings due to their narowness. Six stamens are aligned with each petal. A crossection of flower reveals a long style running down to the ovary. Inflorescence consists of six flowers

Fruit: A three sectioned spherical capsule containing three globose seeds

Comments: This Florida native has similarity to another native Hymenocallis latifolia but lack the fine web that connects the filamentous petals forming a cup shape