Eugenia foetida
Spanish Stopper

Family: Myrtaceae

Form: Evergreen, shrub or small understory tree, columnar habit, reaching 15 to 20 ft. with 8 to 15 ft. spread

Leaves: Opposite, simple, orange-reddish petiole, elliptic, entire, less than 2 in. length, obtuse, new foliage red

Stem/Bark: Brown to grey, mottled

Flower: Raceme, white, fragrant, axillary, inconspicuous

Fruit: Berry, red ripening black, less than 1/4 in. diameter, containing 1 to 2 seeds, single

Comments: One of 4 native Eugenia species in Florida, E. foetida is distinguished by its rounded leaf apex and short pedicels