Heliotropium angiospermum

Family: Boraginaceae

Form: Erect to sprawling herbaceous perennial shrub. Reaching to 3’, with the width sometimes greater than the height

Leaves: Alternate simple elliptic to lanceolate leaves are pubescent, with conspicuous venation, distinctly petiolate, 3-8 cm long and 1-4 cm wide

Stem/Bark: Stems emanate from a base that turns woody with age

Flower: Tiny 1-2 mm rotate flowers of 5 petals surround the yellow throat of the 5-lobed corolla and calyx. Bisexual flowers are paired on one side of curved terminal spikes. Inflorescence are elongate and indeterminate

Fruit: Schizocarp with minute scales. Fruit is separated into two seeded nutlets

Comments: H. angiospermum is one of four native Heliotrope species in Florida , all have a woody base and are characterized by tiny flowers borne in a row along only one side of a flower stalk. (H. curssavicum-seaside succulent leaves, H. amplexicaule-purple flowers, H. polyphyllum-white to yellow flowers)