Ilex cassine
Dahoon holly

Family: Aquifoliaceae

Form: Small evergreen tree reaching 20 to 30 feet

Leaves: Glabrous, simple, alternate, pinnately veined, two to three inches
long, entire or with small spines at the apex

Stem/Bark: Mottled brown/gray, thin and smooth when young and easily damaged by machinery but can become warty when older

Flower: Dioecious, occuring in inconspicuous, white, axillary cymes, each with 4 petals

Fruit: Round berry, less than 0.5 inch in diameter, red and fleshy, attractive to wildlife

Comments: Ilex cassine is one of 12 Ilex species native to Florida. It has larger leaves and less abundant fruit than the related Ilex cassine var. myrtifolia