Zamia pumila

Family: Zamiaceae

Form: Evergreen, herbaceous gymnosperm, reaching 1 to 3 ft.

Leaves: Pinnately compound, linear, highly variable, often twisted: parallel venation, leathery. Leaflets approx. 3 ft. long, and 4-6 in. length by 25 in. wide. Bearing 5- 30 pairs of leaflets, dark green and glossy

Stem/Bark: None

Flower: Dioecious, staminate (male) long and slender. Pistillate (female) shorter and wider than male. Megasporophyll (holds seeds) and Microsporophyll (holds pollen). Length 3-6 in. Shape elongated

Fruit: Naked seeds are formed in female cones and have a red to orange fleshly seed coat. Seed are approximately 1 in. long

Comments: Zamia pumila is Florida ’s only native cycad. It can be distinguished from the non-native Zamia furfuracea by its narrower, twisted leaflets and overall smaller size