Senna mexicana var. chapmanii

Family: Fabaceae

Form: Multistemmed, evergreen shrub, grows either upright to 8’ or prostrate with the width being greater than the height

Leaves: Even pinnately compound entire leaves around 2” long, some with a red gland near the base of the petiole. The elliptic to lanceolate leaflets have an acute apex, often an oblique base, and are in pairs, with up to 10 leaflets per leaf

Stem/Bark: Smooth dark brown bark

Flower: Abundant, yellow 1" diameter bisexual flowers are rotate with 5 petals and 2 prominent stamens. Flowers occur in showy axillary clusters of 4 to 9 blooms

Fruit: Elongated legumes in clusters of hard brown 3” flat pods are conspicuous and hold numerous seeds

Comments: Senna mexicana v. chapmanii is very similar in appearance to S. ligustrina, another Florida native which is characterized by larger leaves composed of 12-22 pairs of leaflets