South Florida Politician:

"As a sincere servant of the people of South Florida, I am again appalled at the functional quagmire created by Washington's conflict of interest players.  We have a clear situation of monopoly brewing here.  The bottom line is that Representative Walsh's rider to the EPA's funding bill allows for the canvas of opportunity to expand in the realm of Bt industry; specifically in research and development.

In a democracy, we are always going to have a 'top dog' in the pack.  This is natural.  Their position is not to be feared but observed, studied and then challenged; but not removed from competition without a fair fight.   This rider, as I see it, simply creates an environment in which more competitors can compete in the Bt industry.  We know that diversity is healthy.  The more varieties of ideas entertained, the better chance an industry will yield products that will better serve the consumers while maintaining a healthy system of functional checks and balances.

In a multi-layered political machine, as ours is, it's important to watchdog system operations for efficiency and effectiveness, but not at the expense of quality service and opportunity for the people of this nation.  For whatever reasons this rider was introduced, I support the rider that will stop EPA from over-regulation Bt plants and let the field of fine scientists in this industry fight it out fair and square.   Rather than funding further regulatory action, let's reallocate more monies to a greater variety of  reputable scientists with a public education component in their work plant ant then let theses professionals work out this scientific challenge scientifically!"