South Florida Flora and Ecosystems

Reaction Paper 3

Due 5/25/99

Integrating Agricultural and Ecological Solutions in South Florida

Last month during a 2-day agroecology workshop sponsored by the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Task force Science Coordination Team, all of the participants were asked to discuss 8 objectives pertaining to environmental concerns.  Under each objective, participants were asked to list what research has been done and what research needs to be done.  Finally, we were asked to rate the objectives by importance on a scale from 1-8 with #1 being the most important issue in which we should focus our attention.

The objectives were:

  1. Aglands provide hydrologic function to adjacent ecosystems
  2. Aglands provide important hydrological and water quality functions in integrated landscape-urban, ag, and natural areas
  3. Reduce nutrient loads from agricultural areas to downstream receiving water and marshes
  4. Preserve, accrete or cumulate organic soils
  5. Create and enhance habitat for wildlife with ag landscape
  6. Reduce negative impacts of ag pesticides released to the environment
  7. Improve competitiveness of native plants in the nursery industry
  8. Increase ag diversity (crops, products, participants)

Rank the top 3 objectives that you would give highest priority and briefly explain your decision.