Chemical Company Spokesperson (2):

"Dr. Jane Rissler's comment, 'Plant and pray,' is such a gloomy and inaccurate way of describing the excellent - although, not entirely foolproof -system of consumer protection designed, enacted and enforced by the EPA.

In my opinion, the EPA's regualtory jurisdiction on products classified under the Feder Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act is justified, necessary and unfairly-maligned.  In a free market system with no such provisions, there is absolutely nothing to stop any industrious science fair wanna-be with a 'Mr. Wizard Home Chemistry Set' and a Marketing 101 textbook from whipping up some potentially lethal magic biotech potion that falsely promises to rid Aunt Millie of her pesky aphid problem "without any of that icky residue."

Relaxed regulations may actually rid us of Aunt Millie instead.

Take for another example Farmer Johnson.  For generations the Johnsons have eked out a modest living while engaged in one of society's most noble professions. Year in and year out, the very existence of the Johnson family depends on the fragile balance between crop and economic pest threshold (whether the pest be weed, insect, fungi or bacteria).  Any breakdown of gap in the Johnson's pest control management plant could be exploited by a crop-threatening pest-flare-up, potentially leading to the family's ultimate demise.

The Johnsons depent on an objective, neutral, fair, network of governmental agencies to ensure they receive the correct information with which to make informed decisions regarding the care of their crops.  Hasn't the Johnson family fram earned the right to be protected against fly-by-night snake oil salesman and their latest "Wonder Drug Crop Elixir"?

We here at Ecobio-Ag believe that the EPA is diligently working for the farmer, the field worker, the home gardener and most importantly the end consumer.   Yes, the process of obtaining proper EPA registration is not without its flaws, or costs.

But we feel the comforting assurances of safety, quality and peace of mind are -  to borrow a present ad-campaign's punch line - "priceless.""