Chemical Company Spokesperson:

"We at Wonders of the World chemicals, WOW, offer the following comments regarding the recent rider introduced by Rep. James Walsh.  Reb. Walsh's proposed rider promotes the deregulation of Bt plants by the EPA.  We understand Reb. Walsh's intention to reduce regulation for regulation reduction sake, however it would be careless to decrease the checks and balances that this issue requires.   Environmentalists have submitted data that the genetically engineered plants have had a detrimental effect on Monarch caterpillars.  This evidence has never presented itself as a result of topical Bt use.  Over the long term these plant products may cause damage to other insect and animal species.  Evidence also shows that Bt as iti is currently used would be rendered ineffective as insects adapt to the new plants.   Bt has been used successfully by farmers for many years.  The final ripple effects of genetically altering plants to resist pests is yet to be determined and the EPA has a responsibility to remain involved in the regulation of Bt plant products."