Course Schedule

Date Lecture Lab ID Quiz (35%)
Class Project (15%) Supplemental Reading

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Week 1

Course introduction

Course introduction materials folder: syllabus, plant list, course schedule, blank plant data sheets, class project guidelines, etc.
Native List-1-Trees (Annonaceae-Myricaceae)    
  • A New Instrument for Interactive Virtual Plant Identification and Use
  • American Magnolias
  • Identifying Characteristics of Redbay
  • Magnolias
  • Native Plants: An Overview
  • Pond apples
  • Redbay Psyllid
  • Redbay vs Sweetbay
Week 2

Lab activity: propagating wildflowers by seed Quiz #1  
  • Botany definitions and plant structure
  • Botany handbook for Florida
  • Florida Native Taxonomy Study Guide
  • Liner Production of Florida Native Wildflowers by Seed
Week 3

Native List-2-Trees (Myrtaceae-Zygophyllaceae)    
  • About cultivars in the AFFN Directory
  • Distinguishing native and non-native ferns
  • FLEPPC 2011 list of invasive plants
  • Key to Dormancy in seeds
  • Native and non-native Firebush
  • Native and non-native Necklacepod
  • Native and non-native Porterweed
  • Native and non-native Scaevola
  • Native and non-native Wild Petunia
  • Native plant? Wildflower? Endemic? Exotic? Invasive? Rare? Endangered? DPI Circular #35
  • The aliens have landed! What are the justifications for 'native only' policies in landscape plantings?
  • The Lantana mess
  • Voluntary codes of conduct for horticulture
Week 4

Course Lectures

  • Lecture 3-Defining Florida's temperature zones and plant ecosystems
  • Native Plant List-2-Trees Lecture

  Quiz #2  
  • Native plants that attract wildlife
  • Plant associations-central Florida
  • Plant lists for Florida's major ecosystems
  • Selecting food plants for wildlife
  • Water for wildlife
Week 5

  • Lecture 4-Landscaping with natives

Native List-3-Shrubs (Adoxaceae-Iteaceae)   Plant name due
  • An introduction to aquascaping
  • Backyard habitat ponds
  • Basic principles of landscape design
  • Cyrysobalanus icaco-Cocoplum
  • Creating wildlife habitat using freshwater wetland plants
  • Discovering Florida's Ethnobotany: Cordia
  • Espaliers
  • Falling for native trees
  • Landscaping Backyards for Wildlife: Top Ten Tips for Success
  • Landscape Design: Ten important things to consider
  • Native Bunchgrasses: A Natural Alternative to Turf
  • Native landscape plants for south Florida
  • Native shrubs for south Florida
  • Native trees for south Florida
  • Prepare your own landscape plan
  • Recommended Native Landscape Plants for Florida's Treasure Coast
  • Sophora tomentosa-Necklace pod
Week 6

Review for exam

  • Native Plant List-3-Shrubs Lecture
Lab activity: propagating native trees, shrubs and vines by cuttings and seed Quiz #3    
Week 7

Mid-term Exam   Mid-term Exam (25%) Draft plant information sheet text due  
Week 8

  • Lecture 5-Propagating native plants
Native List-4-Shrubs (Lamiaceae - Sapindaceae)
  • In vitro propagation of Florida native plants: Styrax americana and Persea palustris
  • Making the most of compost
  • Seed Production of Blanket Flower
  • Seed Production of Magnolia
  • Vegetative propagation of Florida native plants (Volumes I-XI)
Week 9

Spring Break - No Class

Week 10

  • Lecture 6-Preparing, planting and maintaining your native garden
  • Native Plant List-4-Shrubs Lecture
  Quiz #4 Draft plant information pictures and scans due
  • Enviroscaping to conserve energy: determining shade patterns for south Florida
  • Landscape Mulches: What Are The Choices in Florida?
  • Mulch fact sheet
  • Ornamental Teaching Gardens: Design, Development and Use
  • Development and Use - Planting Shrubs in Florida Landscapes
  • Pruning landscape trees and shrubs
  • Salt tolerant plants for Florida
  • Soils and plant nutrition
  • Specifications for Planting Trees and Shrubs in the Southeastern U.S.
Week 11

Guest Speaker at McKee Botanical Gardens, Andreas Daenick

Directions to McKee Botanical Gardens
Native List 5 shrubs (Verbenaceae) and Perennials (Acanthaceae-Asteraceae)    
  • Native Florida plants for home landscapes
  • Plants for difficult areas
Week 12

  • Lecture 7-Landscaping with native Hollies
  • Native Plant List 5 shrubs and Perennials Lecture
  Quiz #5 Final plant identification template due
  • Hollies in Florida
  • Various holly profiles (Ilex attenuata to Ilex vomitoria)
Week 13

  • Lecture 8-Native Groundcovers and Grasses
Native List-6-Annuals and Perennials (Asteraceae-Verbenaceae)   Student presentations
  • Butterfly gardening in Florida
  • Common native wildflowers of North Florida
  • Establishment of native wildflower plantings by seed
  • Native groundcovers for south Florida
  • Native violets
  • Native wildflowers on the roadsides of central and south Florida
  • Native Wildflowers: Mimosa strigillosa
  • Natural Born Climbers
  • Rain lilies-1
  • Rain lilies-2
Week 14

  Quiz #6 Student presentations
  • Florida's Native Bromeliads
  • Native Palm Picks
Week 15

Lab Final Heathcote Botanical Gardens Lab Final (10%)    
Week 16

Final Exam - Lecture Material   Final Exam (25%)